From 1862 to 1865, much of the northeast section of what is now Tremont comprised a Union training camp called Camp Cleveland. As shown in this hand-drawn map from 1862, most of the camp was barracks fronting or near University Road (now West 7th Street). A headquarters area west of University Street and south of Jefferson (then called Franklin Street) contained buildings for the camp staff: two for the commandant, three for quartermaster’s stores and a stable. An arsenal was located in the center of the camp. Other structures included a guardhouse and a chapel. Natural springs and a well supplied the camp’s drinking water.

A 3.76-acre hospital complex was also built north of Herschel (West 5th Street) and south of Franklin (Jefferson) Street. Included were a main building (300 feet long, oriented north to south along Herschel Street), a half dozen wards and myriad detached buildings. The main building fronted Herschel. At the crest of the ridge overlooking the Flats was Ward I: the Pest-House (contagious disease ward). Close by was the morgue. Other structures included an office and forage house; a stable and stable sheds; and a mess house.