Photo: Tremont Descending into the Flats ca. 1939

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A selection of major projects, events, and collaborations of the Tremont History Project over the years.

As part of the ‘Towpath in Tremont’ summer series from TWDC, Tremont History Project hosted a monthly walking tour each month from May through September of 2021. Travelling along a different route each month and including a multimedia feature as well, the History Walk accessed a different segment of the Towpath Trail on each tour. A general history of the Tremont area was addressed for all tours, while each tour will featured a closer look at the history and landmarks along the particular route for that month, as well as guest visits and presentations. Look forward to more History Walks in the future!

Opening on July 12th, 2019, a permanent outdoor Tremont art and history outdoor museum was unveiled at the intersection of Professor and College Avenues, featuring historic images and artistic renderings of Tremont’s vistas, landmarks, and community life. Produced by local historian Chris Roy and the TWDC Arts Committee, the year-round installation features a six-panel display of narrative and imagery created by Tremont History Project recounting Tremont’s fascinating history.

Local artist Angelica Pozo’s ‘Artist In Residency’ public art installation, a community-driven tile mosaic display on the wall surrounding the south side of the gazebo of Lincoln Park, was unveiled on June 21st. 2016. This integrative mural—extending over 50 feet in length—includes historic imagery and text, as well as original art designed by Tremont’s residents, school students, church members, and others with ties to this diverse community. Tremont History Project partnered with Angelica in composing the written history information featured in panels along the mural, as well as providing the historic images which Angelica and other artists used to illustrate the dozens of incredible original renderings of historic landmarks featured throughout the installation. The mural is a visual gem of original public art, a product of inclusive community-building, and a comprehensive outdoor Tremont history museum!

These group tours of Tremont’s historic churches, hosted by Tremont History Project, feature a rotating selection of local churches for each tour—typically four churches per tour. The tours are interactive and offer a ‘deep dive’ into the unique history of each church provided by the church’s pastor or historian. Tour scheduling has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID public health emergency.

Tremont History Project has produced an annual calendar featuring historic images of our Tremont community. Tremont History calendars are printed in limited supply and proceeds support the ongoing work and mission of Tremont History Project.

Local historian Chris Roy offered a comprehensive, interactive lecture on the history of Camp Cleveland—Tremont’s Union Army training camp during the Civil War—on February 22nd, 2020. This program of Roy’s extensive research, including vintage photos, maps, and local news articles, was hosted by Tremont History Project at St. Theodosius Church’s reception hall. Learn more about Tremont’s Camp Cleveland here.

On November 10th, 2018, Tremont History Project hosted a live presentation by John Righetti, international expert on Carpatho-Rusyn culture, history, and immigration. The Carpatho-Rusyn diaspora comprised one of Tremont’s largest immigrant communities, and its heritage includes several of our most distinguished historic churches and landmarks.
On February 17th, 2018, Tremont History Project hosted this first of hopefully many events under this title providing an interactive open-house and overview of Tremont’s rich history. ‘Here is Tremont History!’ was held at St. Theodosius Church’s reception hall and included a live presentation on the history of our community as well as interactive displays of historic maps and artifacts, THP’s ‘Visual History’ Tremont History Timeline installation, and tables hosted by partners of Tremont history.

Tremont History Project has hosted several screenings of this locally-filmed, award-willing 1978 movie—with the event hosted on the campus of the iconic church where portions of the movie were filmed. A post-screening discussion immediately afterwards then encourages Tremont residents and those who participated in the 1977 film-making to share their own stories and experiences of this memorable chapter in Tremont’s history. Learn more about the filming of The Deer Hunter in Tremont here.

In 2011, Tremont History Project produced a 10-panel timeline display providing an extensive visual chronological history of the community. Since its initial opening event at the Brandt Gallery, the Tremont timeline display has been installed and presented at numerous events and locations throughout the community over the years.

From 2005 to 2010, Tremont History Project partnered with several local history organizations to host an annual ‘Civil War Encampment’ event at Lincoln Park to showcase Tremont’s role in this chapter in our nation’s history. While the park is not the actual site of Tremont’s original ‘Camp Cleveland’, volunteers from the ‘8th Ohio Infantry Division’ re-enactment troop and others would install an overnight encampment and offer two days of events and interactive engagement for visitors, including troop drills, live music, and even firing an artificial cannon!