What is now the entrance to Interstate 71 South and State Route 176 was previously a continuation of West 14th Street running southwest. However, the continuation retained the original name: Jennings Avenue. Most of the area’s changes occurred when the interstate was constructed in the 1960s. However, further alterations occurred more recently, when a roundabout replaced a regular four-way intersection. Note on this 1930 map that . . .

  • Quigley Avenue did not exist; the nearest access to the Flats was down Holmden Avenue.
  • Brainard Avenue reaches to West 14th Street running east; nowadays it stops roughly at West 17th Street.
  • The area we now know as Steelyard Commons was occupied by the Otis Steel Company.
  • Most of the Tremont homes lost in this area during freeway construction were located between West 17th and West 14th Streets, north of Valentine Avenue.
  • Metro Hospital (then called City Hospital) covers roughly the same footprint that it does today.